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These are the 5 best vitamins for energy and tiredness



Some days, that extra cup of coffee can only take you so far. When you feel tired day after day, it may be because your body isn’t producing the energy you need to feel like your best self. You may be missing out on key vitamins and supplements that help your body get the boost it needs.

Tips to help fight fatigue and tiredness

There are some basic habits you can start building to improve your energy levels over time. Remember to always eat breakfast; your body needs fuel in the morning to get going! If you can fight the sweet tooth, try to cut down on sugar. It’s a short-term solution, but can actually leave you feeling more tired than before once the sugar-rush passes. Include slow-releasing carbohydrates in your diet, like wholegrain cereals, nuts, beans and sweet potatoes, which will give you a sustained energy source to burn over time.

What are the best vitamins for energy levels and tiredness?

Even when you’re doing everything you can to give yourself a good start, we know nutrition can be a minefield, and sometimes it’s hard to get everything you need on your plate. Your body requires key vitamins and supplements to be able to turn raw ingredients, ie food, into energy. Without the essential supplies it needs, the energy-creation process just doesn’t work as well as it should do, and can leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

At Key, we’ve done meticulous research to find the best solutions for you. From vitamins and minerals with scientific support, to herbals and botanicals used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, you’ll find a combination of ingredients to give you the best result.

Here are five best vitamins for energy and tiredness, which you’ll find in your dynamic Key solution! (Not sure what the best Key solution is for you? Take our personalised assessment to find out!

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 vitamin helps turn carbohydrates, your body’s main source of fuel, into energy. It also supports developing neurotransmitters that help in elevating your mood and offsetting stress! Vitamin B1 is found in foods such as meat, yeast, and cereal grains, but if you’re concerned you’re not getting enough in your diet, a supplement form is a good solution for keeping a healthy baseline.

Where to find it: 

Vitamin B1 is included in your Key Essentials Blend.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is a powerhouse vitamin that assists in converting food into energy. It’s found naturally in foods such as dairy milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, and beef, so if you’re keeping a vegan diet, a supplement of B2 is especially important. It also helps reduce inflammation, and can assist in fighting off mood swings and PMS cramps.

Where to find it:

Vitamin B2 is included in your Key Essentials Blend.

Iron (Lipofer)

The mineral iron is really essential to your everyday functioning. Your body needs iron to help transport oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body, so with low iron levels, you’ll start feeling weak and fatigued pretty quickly. We use iron as Lipofer, a non-pro-oxidative source of iron, which has verified claims on cognitive function, tiredness, energy, and immune system support.

Where to find it:

Iron (Lipofer) is included in your Key Essentials Blend.

Vitamin D3

Ginseng 5% Ginsenosides

Ginseng has been used as a medicinal plant for more than 2,000 years. It’s been used extensively as a traditional support for those experiencing tiredness and fatigue, and for those who feel they need more physical and mental energy. It enhances physical endurance by reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress, and increases energy production in the cells.

Where to find it:

Gingseng 5% Ginsenosides is included in your Key for Menopause Remedy Blend.


L-Carnitine is a chemical made naturally in the brain, liver and kidneys, and helps your body convert fat into energy. It’s important in a wide variety of energy processes; a healthy level of L-Carnitine can support your heart and brain function!

Where to find it:

L-Carnitine is included in your Key for Menopause Remedy Blend and Key for Menstrual Remedy Blend.

Key is designed to offer you the vitamins and supplements your body needs, according to your unique life stage. Essential vitamins and trace minerals are found in your Essentials Blend, which is the same for both Key for Menstrual and Key for Menopause products. This supports your body’s regular functioning and overall health.

Botanicals and herbals are included in your Key Remedy Blend, which differs from product to product. These have been meticulously researched and expertly formulated into complexes, designed to combat the common symptoms experienced during specific life stages — like hot flashes and mood changes during menopause, and PMS and bloating during your menstrual years.

Ready to fight tiredness and feel more energetic throughout the day?

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