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Why We’ve Partnered with Anytime Of the Month, & How You Can Help


Have you heard of period poverty before? Period poverty is generally understood as the financial barriers, stigma and lack of education around menstrual cycles, and is defined as ‘inadequate access to menstrual hygiene products and education’. And it’s a serious problem: it causes physical risks to girls and women globally, and keeps people worldwide from reaching their full potential.

To help combat period poverty, we’ve partnered with Anytime of the Month. They’re a student-led social enterprise with the goal of alleviating the effects of period poverty in Ireland. They found that half of secondary students and one in three third-level students experienced period poverty, where they didn’t have access or lacked funds for period products.

We started with a simple idea to create a network of Anytime of the Month ambassadors. Anyone can become an ambassador, simply by displaying our logo on your jacket or bag to show you can help someone in need of sanitary products. All you have to do is purchase our badge here and become a friend to show your support in ending period poverty.

By purchasing an Anytime of the Month Package, individuals can become an Anytime of the Month ambassador. By wearing a pin, you can communicate discreetly that you’re a friendly stranger, allowing women in need to ask you for period products if they’re in need. Workplaces can also become a Workplace Ambassador by undertaking training, providing free period products to employees, and helping support Anytime’s efforts toward offering environmentally sustainable period products to the homeless and those living in direct provision.

We are a proud sponsor of Anytime of the Month. This sponsorship allows the team to continue to build the community of friendly strangers, and provide period products to direct provision centres and houseless shelters around Ireland. It is our shared belief that small actions lead to big changes, and that kindness, friendliness, and understanding on a personal level can help end the stigma and fight against period injustice.

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