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Your daughter’s first period: how to help her manage (and even celebrate!) the milestone

Start the conversation about your daughter’s first period. Here are our quick tips for helping her learn what comes next.


Thankfully, dialogue with our children is a lot more open about a whole host of matters than it was for previous generations. And that means it’s likely your daughter will know that she’ll be getting her first period at some stage during her pre-teen or early teenage years.

By the time boys and girls are six- or seven-years-old they should have a general or basic knowledge of periods. If not (or if you’re not sure what they know!) bring it up and ask them. The information you share with them at this age can be straightforward and top-line.

Separately, as mums it’s good to know what to expect and what’s considered ‘normal’. That way, you can chat to the family GP as early as needed and hopefully put any lingering concerns or worries to rest.

Here is Key’s quick-fire reference for parents:

  1. A girl may start her period anytime between ages eight and 15. Most girls are aged between 12 and 14.
  1. The first period normally starts about two years after breasts first start to develop and pubic hair begins to grow.
  1. The age at which a girl’s mother started her period can help predict when a girl may start her period.
  1. A girl should see her doctor if:
  • She starts her period before age eight.
  • She has not had her first period by age 15.
  • She has not had her first period within three years of breast growth.
  • Two years after her first period, her periods still do not come every three-to-six weeks or if she misses three or more periods in a row.
  • Has severe cramps or PMS that get in the way of everyday activities.
  • Has very heavy bleeding.

Remember, our children rely on us for accurate information about their bodies and well-being. The more information you can give them about periods the better! Start the conversation yourself by being open to answering any questions, but follow up with trusted books, apps, and leaflets too if needed.

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