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Having Sex During Your Period

sex on your period
The benefits and chances of pregnancy


Having sex during your period: Can you get pregnant and what are the benefits?

 There is no reason you should avoid sex just because you have your period.

Every woman is different and some women say they don’t like the mess or feel more self-conscious, but others can’t speak highly enough of the experience! Sex during your period can even relieve the likes of menstrual cramps. That’s because the cramps result from your uterus contracting to release the lining. An orgasm – and the resulting endorphins – can help subdue any discomfort. 

Your uterus works a bit harder during sex; the muscle contractions during an orgasm help shed more lining quicker – which could mean shorter periods. Furthermore, research says sex helps with the headaches that some women experience during their periods.

Can I get pregnant if i have sex during my period?

Although it’s unlikely, you still can get pregnant during your period – especially towards the end of your period. So if you’re not trying to conceive, you’ll need to use contraception.

Of course, you’re most likely to get pregnant during ovulation (14 days before your period starts). But given that cycle length is not an exact science – as well as the fact that your cycle can change month to month – you need to consider that a shorter menstrual cycle will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Sperm can stay alive in your body for up to a week; there is a chance you will ovulate shortly after getting your period and will release an egg while sperm are still active.

Other considerations

Regardless of pregnancy, you can still get STIs if you have unprotected sex. Viruses like HIV and hepatitis live in blood and can spread more easily through contact with an infected woman who is menstruating. Menstrual blood can also change the pH of your vagina, increasing the likelihood of contracting an STI from an infected partner.

So you need to use a condom every time you have sex to significantly reduce the risk of spreading or catching an STI.

If you’re using tampons, you also need to remember to remove them before you have sex. If you forget about a tampon and have sex, it might get pushed further into your vagina and will need to be removed by a doctor as soon as possible.


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