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10 Tips On How To Champion Other Women

Learn how to empower yourself and other women today!


10 tips on how to champion other women

Whereas being a champion to other women should be the first thing we do, there  will always be people to make comparisons. Voices will always be silenced. There aren’t enough seats at the table. These are just some of the things women face in their daily lives.

While significant strides towards gender equality in recent times, many women still face workplace discrimination, targeted violence, and societal stereotyping. It is not just men perpetuating this discrimination either; sometimes, this conflict occurs between women.

Even if it’s only occasional, most of us have made unfair comparisons, become jealous, or put other women down – making them and ourselves feel rubbish in the process.

But we all can make a real difference and strive to do better. Today, women are more revved up and connected than ever before, which is pretty exciting!

Below are ten ways we can all actively support fellow women daily. From work to motherhood and emotional well-being – small changes and actions make a difference.

 Lead by example 

The first way you can champion other women is by empowering yourself. 

While we still see a gap in gender equality in the workplace, it is worth pointing out that the glass ceiling exists differently. Women often hold themselves back from advancement with self-imposed barriers too.

We can break down barriers. And often, when we hear about the stories of other successful women, it can provide encouragement and inspiration.

Share your success story, with all its ups and downs. Talk about your wins but share your losses and mistakes as well. Women who are authentic and genuine about their journey have an opportunity to encourage and foster a culture where fellow women feel confident to learn, grow, and be empowered.

 Avoid gossip 

While many of us may view gossiping as harmless (and often it can be), those words can hurt people too. We see it when people – in the public eye or not – are at the receiving end of online scrutiny and attacks.

The language we choose to use for other women is essential. When we use derogatory names or labels, it tells others that you are okay for them to use those words about women.

So take a firm step back from gossip; acknowledge that there are two sides to every story, don’t make assumptions and give others the benefit of the doubt.


It’s important to learn how to best support other women by listening to those who have different experiences than you. Keep an open mind and listen more. Engage with people with different ethnic, cultural, economic backgrounds or sexual orientations.

Women’s experiences are as varied and layered as we are – and stories are worth sharing and hearing. You’ll probably learn something about yourself in the process.  

 Stand up for equality

Whether you’re talking to your friends and family or engaging with an advocacy organisation, the most important thing is to speak up.

When you see discrimination or an unequal playing field, call it out. Don’t just point to it; explain why it’s unbalanced and the consequences it will have.

By raising your voice for women’s rights and gender equality, you can spread awareness and break down barriers.

 Build a female network 

A recent Harvard study revealed that for women, in particular, it’s not just what we put into our bodies that is key to our health and happiness, but who we put around us.

There is great power that comes from women supporting women. Whether you are looking for a professional network group or to build your social circle, we can all benefit from having supportive and empowering women by our side.

Being  positive, encouraging, strong, and determined will help other women succeed. This is one of the most basic ways you can champion other women.

Support women in need 

The following list of female-focused organisations are just some of the incredible groups supporting women in Ireland and can be used as a jumping-off place as you explore the world of female causes.

  • Women’s Aid has been a leading national organisation working in Ireland to stop domestic violence against women and children since 1974.
  • Dublin Rape Crisis Centre provides 24-hour service for victims of rape and fights to end sexual violence in Ireland.
  • Anew provides support services for pregnant women and new mothers in parenting, emotional wellbeing, homelessness and housing.

 Invest in female-led businesses 

Women-owned businesses – including KeyForHer – are on the rise. A study by PwC has forecasted that in 2022, 1 billion women will enter the global economy as employers, producers, and entrepreneurs.

However, a lack of visibility impacts the growth potential of female-led enterprises. Social media is a fantastic tool for small businesses. If you have a favourite female-owned business, don’t keep it to yourself. Follow them on their social media channels. Share things you find exciting and invite friends to check them out.

Talk about taboos 

This is a great way to champion other women. Let’s talk more about our bodies and how they work.

Sadly, it’s still the case that women worldwide are shunned by their community and forced to feel shameful about their period.

Closer to home in Ireland, a study by Plan International in 2018 revealed that more than 61% of Irish girls felt embarrassed about their period.

This has to change, and it starts with open conversation. We empower ourselves and others by talking openly about issues that impact women and increasing our knowledge about our bodies and our health.

Celebrate successes 

We live in a time where it is all too easy to compare ourselves to each other. As we swipe through one woman’s Instagram, we can wonder how she was able to train for a marathon, redecorate her living room and still be a perfect mother and partner. 

While our gut reaction might be to feel threatened, make efforts to celebrate rather than compare. Remember when we help another woman rise, we all shine.

Empower early and often 

As parents, we want our daughters to grow up confident, with a fantastic sense of self-worth, a whole lot of resilience, and respect for others.

In a world where gender inequality is still an issue, our daughters need to feel empowered to face these challenges.

Let them know early on that they can do anything they set their minds to. These qualities instilled in our daughters early can help us create a new generation of women who will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams. 

Ready to feel like the best version of you?

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