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Picture Of Aoife

Pelvic Physiotherapy Manaegment with Aoife Ni Eochaidh 

Aoife Ní Eochaidh is a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist. She operates International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management ( Aoife teaches…

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Emotional considerations around menopause

Dr Mary Hynes is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Bariatric Psychologist who has extensive training…

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Recover From Burnout

How to recover from burnout: 7 tips for women 

In a fast-paced world of expanding work hours, productivity shaming, and an ‘always on’ culture,…

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Winter-proof Your Immune System

How to winter-proof your immune system naturally

Although the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a decrease in everyday colds and flus, there’s no…

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5 Daily Habits

5 daily habits to start right now (oh, and yes, they’re realistic)

Having 5 daily habits may seem like a foreign concept and overwhelming but in a…

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Tackle 2022

Tackle 2022 the KeyForHer way!

It's a new year, which means it's time to take a look at what you…

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Too Old To Get Pregnant

At what age am I too old to get pregnant? 

While there is no definitive age that is ‘too old’ to get pregnant at, at…

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